Reasons I Jailbreak My iPhone

When Apple released the new iPhone 5, over 5 million devices where sold in the first 3 days. When evasi0n released their jailbreak of the iPhone 5 with iOS6 they had 7 million users install the jail break in the first 4 days. Many users jailbreak their iPhones and here are some of the reasons.

There are the users who jailbreak just to be cool, and say my phone is jail broken. Others do it for the benefits that the jailbreak gives them. Similar to Android users who Root their Android devices.

Apple controls which apps are allowed in the app store,but with a phone that is jail broken, you have access to app stores like Cydia for example. Your friends using Android devices are raving about the keyboard called Swype, you will not find it searching iTunes for it. But you will find the iSwipe app on app stores like Cydia.

Sharing Wifi is something that we think is a normal behavior that every does with their phones and tablets. But we are not Tim Cook and for some reason he does not allow it. It could be part of the deal they struck with the mobile phone carriers but neither here nor their, to get wifi sharing on your jail broken iDevice, head over to intelliborn and try the MyWi App.

Nintendo Games on Ipad – iMAME is the app for iPad & iPhone which lets you play arcade games. MAME is an acronym for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. Read more about iMame on their website.

SBSettings is another app available on Cydia for users that want to control the setting and panels of the iphone. Dave LeClair write a very nice explaination of using the SBSettings app to configure your iPhone the way you want it. See article.

Our favorite app is iCaughtU. This app is great for catching the bastard who stole your iPhone. It takes a picture when someone types the wrong password on your phone. There is also the option to have the pictures emailed to you.

There are many other cool tweaks and apps you can find for your jailbroken phone or tablet, it all depends on how much of a techie you want to be.

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